Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A tear of joy?

The first of the THE socks is done.
Well... I say done in the sense that it can only be done until its partners is done and then we see how much yarn there is to do the toes in... until then its toe stitches are on stitch holders.

Thing One thought it was done the other day.


In fact it is longer then my foot right now but looks amazing on. Ever Dr. Seuss (With the Cat in the Hat behind him) pondered it for a while.


Yes, we were at the Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden in Springfield MA. Both socks as well as my parents, my sister and my grandfather enjoyed our time there. More pictures from our trip will be posted tomorrow or when I feel like finding the cord for my camera. (This was a multi-camera family trip so we are buried in pictures)

Today I am mentioning THE sock because while I am happy to FINALLY finish it, its almost sad move on to the next one. I have hated and loved this pattern. Oh, wait. I still I have second dreaded sock to do. What did I say about hating this pattern? I have given myself until next Thursday evening to finish this pair of socks and one other pair of socks. Both pairs now have one sock finished in the pair. Can I make it in time?