Friday, July 27, 2007

A Finished Object

This is Giulia's Sock. They are prepping to go on a long trip to Italy to rejoin intended owner.

They have been all over while they were being knitted. They went to a Red Sox game, the Union for Reform Judiasm Leadership Camp (Kutz Camp), New York City, Central Park, The Republic Bar, Dado Tea and many trains all over Boston. They have been places that Giulia went to while she was in Boston, and places that she didn't go to. Now they are going to join her and see places in Italy that their knitter only dreams of going to.

They are much too important socks for just ordinary pictures.

They require pictures of dogs wearing them. They aren't thrilled. Emmy didn't even have to wear the socks.

Well, until now.

(P.S. Don't worry, the socks have been washed)

Toe-Up sock pattern based on the Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula
Knit on 2 circulars - size 1.5
Yarn: Regia 4 fadig Color
color/dye lot (not sure which is which): 1912, 58692

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life in place of knitting

Are you back from your travels?
Are you working on your stole?
Are the socks a-callin' "MAMA"?
Are they on their way to Rome?
- Auntie Em

Thats what she posted in her comment to the last post and wow does it feel like forever since I last posted. Here is what happened to delay posting even more: I lost my cell phone after a quick convo with Auntie Em about beads for the Mystery Stole. Then I get up the next morning to print out the next clue to the Stole and discover my computer has kicked the bucket. It has done this exact way of dying twice before and once it was covered by warranty and once it wasn't and we paid a small fortune to get it working. This time was its last. It is dead and we will not send it back so they can put it on a breathing tube. I made sure it signed a Do Not Resuscitate order after the last time it played dead. I however didn't lose the data on it (we think) since the dying makes it unable to start up or if it does the screen shows moving plaid but the hard drive is intact. We will then remove the hard drive, place it in the external hard drive case we bought when we replaced the hard drive on the same computer 2 years ago (an a year ago we wiped the hard drive and reinstalled it - yes the computer is a pain in my ass) and then load the hard drive onto my new MAC. Well its not here yet but it will be soon. Yes, I have finally made the switch and I am happier for it.
Anyway, I grumbled at it and printed the second clue for the MS3 out before we left for our road trip. More about that when the new computer arrives and I can load the pretty pictures I took. However the traveling is not over and done with. This upcoming weekend I am going to New York City to see one of my favorite bands and do some yarn searching. There might even be some viewing of my favorite musical. Any readers that feel inclined to guess what it is can leave their guess. Auntie Em probably knows it but has forgotten.
The socks are still calling to me but there has been not a ton of knitting. Some car knitting, some watching softball tournament knitting and some pool knitting but not any finishing knitting. The shawl was shown off and knitting only a few rows on seeing how it makes for very bad car knitting. I think I have resigned myself to the fact that the socks won't be done by tomorrow seeing how I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and not with any yarn in my hands. Giulia's socks did visit with some crocheted kippahs in progress so they got a nice dose of culture there and they are looking forward to being sent to Italy, however they get there.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A poem of frustration

As I look down at my stockinged feet,
I remember how much I love wearing knee highs
and even more then knee highs,
knee socks.
I wish I had some in every color,
pairs of Clessidras,
and I get all excited about knitting on them tonight,
that way they will be done soon.
But then I remember
my other socks,
the ones that need to be done soon.
And a mystery stole.
And I am sad that my knitting waits for me to return.

July 5th - This day in history

Today was the first successful cloning of a mammal AKA Dolly. This day became important to our own Yarn Harlot who fears a blight in sheep - well now they can clone her some more.

Today is my last day of work this week and it also means I have less then a week to finish Giulia's socks. Do you think I can do it in time?


Yeah I wonder too. Today is also packing day. When I was in college and high school I use to travel almost every weekend and packing was a breeze - I just didn't unpack most things. Now it takes a little bit longer and involves some running around wondering where I put the charger for that or my sunscreen. Do I need bug spray? Where is my swimming towel?
I am going to my camp reunion. I have been meaning to go for years and finally this year it managed to be on a weekend that we all needed to be out of town (refinishing the kitchen floor). Stage One involves my sister taking a bus to NYC and my dad and i driving to New Jersey. Then I go up to camp and my dad retrieves my sister from NYC. Finally we all drive home, with a quick lunch at my grandpa's new place which I have yet to see. (In my mind, he still lives in his old place even though he moved 3 years ago.) On the way out there we might even stop at Rein's Yum.

My mother has been obsessed with figuring out the best route up to camp. The other day she asked me which route I drove that time I was up there: Now, lets see last time I was up there I 1. Didn't drive 2. Only was driven one direction since I flew home and 3. Its been so many years I don't remember anything about the route other then it was very mountainy. Then you pass by some drive in movie theater, go past the farm and you are there. We'll see if I actually find my way up there.

On a final note here is what my Mystery Stole 3 looks like. Last night it had a yarn break one row below what I was knitting. Luckily we could split splice it together. Other then that, its very slow progress.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Many things to say

I just have to warn everyone that this post sounds a little disjointed to me, so it is probably hard to follow and may make no sense at all. I just wanted to get it all down on the blog before another headache.

Mystery Stole: Cast On on Friday evening and Knit until row 30. Placing the first bead showed that the majority of the beads I bought are too small for my size 13/14 crochet hook and the bead shattered into my finger cutting me. Another bead shattered that evening. Saturday: Knit until Row 52. Looked hard at knitting and decided I had the wrong needle size - it was hard to tell the stockinette from the yarn overs and there was no real pattern appearing. Saturday evening: borrowed a size 3 circular from Auntie Em (in like 12 in) and knit a practice piece. Sunday: determined that I did need a size 3 and began journey for one. Sunday evening: cast on for the 3rd time and knit until row 26. Monday evening: Knit until Row 32 (had migraine earlier but was determined to make some progress)

Needle Journey: We started our journey at A Good Yarn in Brookline who thwarted us by switching to summer hours that weekend and suddenly were closed on Sundays. We all (Auntie Em, Lukie, Marie and I) regrouped at Auntie Em's and discussed plan of action. Only course of action: to drive to Cambridge and hunt down Woolcott and Co. for a needle. We load Lukie into the car (he is four) and explain about how we are going on a mission to Cambridge. This is then followed up with many questions expected to be asked by a four year old. We apparently had the parking fairy on our side since we found a FREE parking space in Harvard Sq. not that far a walk from the yarn store.

Now, I have never been to Woolcott and Company before and I have to say it was a pleasant surprise. They had a bunch of toys for Lukie which kept him more then entertained, a good selection of books and Addi Turbo Lace needles for which we were searching. Their staff didn't hover too much but was friendly and discussed patterns with Auntie Em. They had some lovely yarn which was very hard to resist. Auntie Em hadn't been to their store since they had moved and she was pleased with how it was set up.

Giulia's Socks: 3 and 1/2 inches. Slow going but the panic is setting in since she is leaving in a little more then a week. Can I finish them in time?