Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 5th - This day in history

Today was the first successful cloning of a mammal AKA Dolly. This day became important to our own Yarn Harlot who fears a blight in sheep - well now they can clone her some more.

Today is my last day of work this week and it also means I have less then a week to finish Giulia's socks. Do you think I can do it in time?


Yeah I wonder too. Today is also packing day. When I was in college and high school I use to travel almost every weekend and packing was a breeze - I just didn't unpack most things. Now it takes a little bit longer and involves some running around wondering where I put the charger for that or my sunscreen. Do I need bug spray? Where is my swimming towel?
I am going to my camp reunion. I have been meaning to go for years and finally this year it managed to be on a weekend that we all needed to be out of town (refinishing the kitchen floor). Stage One involves my sister taking a bus to NYC and my dad and i driving to New Jersey. Then I go up to camp and my dad retrieves my sister from NYC. Finally we all drive home, with a quick lunch at my grandpa's new place which I have yet to see. (In my mind, he still lives in his old place even though he moved 3 years ago.) On the way out there we might even stop at Rein's Yum.

My mother has been obsessed with figuring out the best route up to camp. The other day she asked me which route I drove that time I was up there: Now, lets see last time I was up there I 1. Didn't drive 2. Only was driven one direction since I flew home and 3. Its been so many years I don't remember anything about the route other then it was very mountainy. Then you pass by some drive in movie theater, go past the farm and you are there. We'll see if I actually find my way up there.

On a final note here is what my Mystery Stole 3 looks like. Last night it had a yarn break one row below what I was knitting. Luckily we could split splice it together. Other then that, its very slow progress.