Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life in place of knitting

Are you back from your travels?
Are you working on your stole?
Are the socks a-callin' "MAMA"?
Are they on their way to Rome?
- Auntie Em

Thats what she posted in her comment to the last post and wow does it feel like forever since I last posted. Here is what happened to delay posting even more: I lost my cell phone after a quick convo with Auntie Em about beads for the Mystery Stole. Then I get up the next morning to print out the next clue to the Stole and discover my computer has kicked the bucket. It has done this exact way of dying twice before and once it was covered by warranty and once it wasn't and we paid a small fortune to get it working. This time was its last. It is dead and we will not send it back so they can put it on a breathing tube. I made sure it signed a Do Not Resuscitate order after the last time it played dead. I however didn't lose the data on it (we think) since the dying makes it unable to start up or if it does the screen shows moving plaid but the hard drive is intact. We will then remove the hard drive, place it in the external hard drive case we bought when we replaced the hard drive on the same computer 2 years ago (an a year ago we wiped the hard drive and reinstalled it - yes the computer is a pain in my ass) and then load the hard drive onto my new MAC. Well its not here yet but it will be soon. Yes, I have finally made the switch and I am happier for it.
Anyway, I grumbled at it and printed the second clue for the MS3 out before we left for our road trip. More about that when the new computer arrives and I can load the pretty pictures I took. However the traveling is not over and done with. This upcoming weekend I am going to New York City to see one of my favorite bands and do some yarn searching. There might even be some viewing of my favorite musical. Any readers that feel inclined to guess what it is can leave their guess. Auntie Em probably knows it but has forgotten.
The socks are still calling to me but there has been not a ton of knitting. Some car knitting, some watching softball tournament knitting and some pool knitting but not any finishing knitting. The shawl was shown off and knitting only a few rows on seeing how it makes for very bad car knitting. I think I have resigned myself to the fact that the socks won't be done by tomorrow seeing how I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and not with any yarn in my hands. Giulia's socks did visit with some crocheted kippahs in progress so they got a nice dose of culture there and they are looking forward to being sent to Italy, however they get there.