Friday, January 4, 2008

Eye Candy Friday - Sock Style


Here is my pretty Bartolomew's Tantalizing Sock in progress. I have been working on it on my train rides and as I scan the patient info into my computer I can do about seven to twelve stitches per scan. For most of the time I didn't try this sock on, I had faith in Cat Bordhi that the second sock from her book would fit me since the numbers were so similar to the first one. But then someone from the ravelry board mentioned how unflattering the back looked on them. 

Does this look unflattering?


I think it looks great! Hard to take a picture of that position, which explains why my foot is up in the air, but I LOVE these socks. There is a little nice rotation of color going around the foot that is fun to knit with. 

I have also been working a bit on my mom's sock but I can't show that to you. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish my sister's knitting so she can stop complaining about having only one mitten.