Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Second attempt at a heel

So my goal last weekend was to finish the first sock for my pal. Saturday night I began the heel as written in the pattern and finished it. Sunday I spend most of my knitting time ripping it out.

First, the pattern is for a basic short-row heel that involves a lot of yarn overs and knitting three together. It was more then a little confusing and came out funny and very hard to follow. Also I tried the sock on, having feet of a similar size to my pal's and found that it was very short and that the heel was no where near where it should be. I started reknitting the heel on Sunday night and I am still at that point today. The pattern on the top came out much nicer then I expected.
This is the total length of the sock right now, before I finish the modified short-row heel.
And this is Zack watching me taking the pictures from his new hiding spot under the tv . He curls up around the DVDs and will sit there happily all day, only preferring a brown paper bag to this spot. He loves lying on his brown paper bags.