Thursday, June 28, 2007

While I haven't been posting, I have been knitting...

My migraines and work have kept me away from taking pictures of all of the knitting I have been doing and but I hope to remedy that soon. I just felt so guilty posting without beautiful pictures to enhance my post. Oh well, this post will have to be boring.

On Sunday I finished the first Sockapaloza sock and I am glad to take a brief break from it. I really was starting to hate the chart of that pattern.

Sunday I also started socks for my coworker who is moving back to Italy in three weeks. I decided to do basic stockinette socks, 2 at the same time on 2 circulars. They are going a little slower then I expected but not too terrible. Using my official office measuring tape, they are 2 and 3/4 inches long. I have been doing them mostly on the train or when ever I get a free moment. I hope to do a bit of knitting on them tonight.

I also have been working on the gauge swatch for Mystery Stole 3. My first attempt on size 5 needles didn't look right, my second attempt on size 4s ended up with a mistake and a knot and got thrown across the room. Last night I thought light and airy thoughts and ended up with a completed swatch which is blocking at home now. I feel moderately ready for the first clue to come out tomorrow.

Other then all of that, there hasn't been a lot of knitting time. I have had one migraine this week and a lot of smaller headaches. Add to that fact that it is 90 + degrees here and thus I am showering before bed to rinse the sweat off of me and it really cuts into my knitting time.