Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yarn Pron and hiding places


This is my lovely Lorna's Laces that I just got yesterday. My first Lorna's Laces purchase and I simply adore it. I can't wait to work with it!


This is River.

This is Lakeview.

Sorry about the pictures being so big. I am switching over to flickr from Photobucket and I still don't understand on how it all works. You can however click on the pictures to see a larger version. Pretty cool.

Knitting is still slow. I knit a few rows on the heel of my pal's sock this morning on the T and then rewarded myself with a row on the Clessidra sock. I really need to finish one of my pal's sock's this weekend so that I can work really fast on socks for a coworker who is going back to Italy in less then a month.

I thought I would also continue with my theme of showing off Zacky's hiding places. He likes to sit on the window sill next to the stove and look out onto the fire escape. Sometimes a squirrel comes up to the window to tease him.


I think he knew I was taking pictures. His ears don't look thrilled at all.

Sometimes however he gets on the stove. This is not encouraged and then he finds himself on the ground. He still tries however.