Friday, June 1, 2007

Uber Picture Post

So as promised here are the tons of pictures I promised. (With captions underneath)

Zack annoyed at how long I waited to post these pictures.

The finished baby blanket. Finished... umm a long time ago. Baby is now loving it and mother is happy since it is the only blue thing she owns for her baby boy (who has an older sister).

Yes, that is my Serta Sheep guarding the finished blanket.

I really like the holes the crocheting left of the corners. I think it makes it look fancy.

One finished Jaywalker. Will I finish the other one? One day.

The side of the Jaywalker. I am so proud of the heel. I was so sure it was going to come out huge but then like magic it fit.

Harlot Day: I am holding her sock and she is holding mine. If I wasn't so whited out, you could see that I am wearing the white tank top I knitted.

Auntie Em holding the Harlot sock.

Sock pal's sock. As of today, if I were to put it on my hand it covers all the way to my thumb.

Clessidra sock. It has moved along significantly since this point. Plus this sock has been to a Wedding and to meet the Yarn Harlot. This sock really gets around.

My hoard from WEBS. Mostly sock yarn. Why?

This is the socks I am currently wearing. I need more socks, STAT!

Who is this? She is currently the nameless kitten my sister just got. Anyone think of a name for her?

Zack is not thrilled with the idea of a kitten. Oh well, he only has to visit her.