Thursday, May 31, 2007

throughly chastised

I was, in fact, chastised by more then one person about how I haven't been writing very much in my blog. I have a number of excuses. The first one, which most of you may accept is:

1. I have been busy. That leads into 2. i took pictures but haven't had time to take them off the camera and it felt silly to post another blog entry mentioned that at a later date there will be pictures but not right now so I just didn't post. 3. I wasn't home the last few weekend to even think about uploading pictures.

So I have decided that today's post will be picture free unless you can show up at my office with a cord for my camera which happens to be in my bag. (I also had a hard time finding the spare battery for it which was also in my bag making it that not too many pictures were taken last night)
Tomorrow's post, or this evening's post will contain pictures and hopefully I will get into a better rhythm of taking and posting pictures. (We can always hope)

Knitting was slow for the last week. Last weekend I went to visit a friend at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center and didn't even think of knitting for a minute. I did however dance and sing under the stars, hike, move a bunch of chairs, read, sleep a lot, attend a very spiritual wedding in which I knew no one, and meet a lot of wonderful people. It was truly a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I spent Memorial Day recovering.

Tuesday evening Auntie Em met up to draft an attack plan for Wednesday (aka Harlot Day). We plotted out food, necessary items, delivered my clothes for Thursday and my sleeping bag to her house and figured out exact times for everything including when we needed to leave the house by and when we needed to be on the train by. We thought we were ready *dramatic music*

Wednesday we were out of the building 2 minutes early, on the T 5 minutes early and at Riverside 30 minutes early. So we did what any normal person would do, sat down and knit. Next thing we know a 15 person van with Yarn Safari on the windows pulls up, a man wearing a suit gets out and opens the door for our wonderful guide for the evening, Peta. We met up with everyone else, and we were on our way. Peta handed out water and these wonderful tote bags perfect for carrying tons of yarn in. In mine was a gift certificate for $25 off another Yarn Safari trip. I am so excited to look forward to using it.

We pull up at the Calvin theatre right before 6 and are escorted in. The WEBS staff knew we were from Yarn Safari and we got handed a signing time of 7:45 so we would have enough time before we had to leave. We found seats at the back of the theater and then our guest of the evening showed up. WOW. If you haven't heard her talk, I would recommend it.

Afterwards, we walked right out of the theater and into the van where we were whisked to WEBS before we knew it. We got into line before the line even went into the warehouse and met local celebs like Melissa from and Amy of the Giant Glove. Auntie Em told Stephanie about her pattern and how she figured it out finally with the help of some friendly translators from the knitty boards. I showed her my sock and got a sock picture with hers. YAY! Then I went for my first shopping trip in WEBS.

I can't say I remember much of it. I remember finding a box of sale sock yarn, and wandering aimlessly in the back room yelling "100% Merino DK weight, anyone found some?" Next thing I knew I was staring at $46 a hank sock yarn and remembering I should check out before I lose it entirely. Um, I still have no idea about how so much sock yarn decided to come home with me but it was very welcome.

MMMM very welcome.