Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A post a day

I really want to post more often, so I decided to try and post every day. Who knows, this could become a very boring blog once that happens.

The sock is going along well. It grew maybe half an inch today. I measured my foot and it is about 9 and a half inches. The sock is about 5 inches. So I have 2 and a half inches until I can start the decreases.

I hope my shipment from Knitpicks comes soon. I want to find my camera and document every step of making my socks for my secret pal. I am so excited to start working on it. Secret Sock Pal, I hope these socks become everything you want.

Last night while watching Heroes I worked on Cables and Os. I just started the cable row when I got way too into the show and decided it was time to stop.

Tonight I might not knit at all, I am just too tired.

Song of the Day that is stuck in my head: "What is this feeling?" from Wicked.