Friday, May 4, 2007

Extra! Extra! Knitters break blogger....

Its official. 1,000 members is too big for a blog. You can read all about it here and learn what is happening instead of kicking blogger when it is down. Yes, that does seem like more fun, but really?

Wow, talk about large knitting: Yarn Harlot is working on something that is big and pink and everyone is talking about this.

The good news is that my migraines may be catching a train out of here.... not sure when. Today my Neurologist decided to put me on another med which should help. We will see. My mom made a comment on how they should just take me off all meds and start over. Yeah, lets not do that and say we did......

Knitting has been very slow. Not a lot done the last few days with so many headaches and then I would make mistakes on the ribbing and not take it out but obsess on how it looks....I did relax a bit by working on some easier projects like doing a bit of Tempting I reknit. Not enough to make it really look any better but just helping a little.

Hopefully tomorrow I will knit a bunch and maybe tonight but tomorrow is slowly getting busier. Work, then short knitting meeting and then a trip to Lady Grace to find proper undergarments to go under the dress we bought last weekend. EEEKKK. I always get the urge to yell "no touching" really loudly when I go in that store, but the little old ladies that fit you would just drag me back to the dressing room anyway. I just never love when people I don't know touch me. Or even when people I do know touch me. I like to maintain my bubble around me at all times and I will back that bubble up with needles of... not steel but nickle coated. They are sharp however and not a force to be reckoned with. Thats right, I will poke you with them, and they will hurt. maybe.