Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Spring = Time for knitting?

So I had a good knitting/crocheting week last week. On friday night I finished the Honeymoon tank which is still waiting for its moment to shine on camera. And it is all done: every end is woven in and the straps are grafted. I rewarded myself by starting on Cables and Os from No Sheep for You. Man I love it. I showed everyone that would look and even some people who wouldn't my gauge swatch since I was so proud of my first cables. The socks are moving slowly.

I received my sock pal from Sockapalooza 4 and I am pondering what to make her. I saw this cool pattern today. Those might be fun to work with, and to do a pair for myself as well. I have a bunch of time but knowing how slow I make socks I want to get started ASAP. I even like that the pattern uses Knitpicks Essential which has some pretty colors.

I have been busy the last few days so not a lot of knitting is going on but tonight I should catch up with the return of Veronica Mars. Or, that might be a bad thing since tonight "Veronica and Piz share a moment" and I might be screaming at the television and throwing whatever knitting I have. Yeah, I take my Veronica Mars seriously. Maybe tonight is a great time to work on one of those mindless projects waiting to be worked on when I can be bored out of my mind... yeah but there is going to be some great television in the next few days... Bones, maybe a new Criminal Minds and a new CSI that is rumored to have Lady Heather's return. Oh and the weather is nice. If my headaches went away everything would be going well.