Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It was a dark and stormy afternoon...

when I sat down at the computer to type this blog entry. In fact, the sky over the Navy Yard is as dark as if it were late at night. Now, a pop quiz question: which book begins with the now-infamous line "It was a dark and stormy night." Bonus points if you can name BOTH books, the one that started the contest and the one that I reminded my dad about when we had this argument back in November. Dad, any memory there?

In fact, this morning I received an email from my father requesting that this be posted on the blog. Umm I don't know how I feel about that except that it is a lot of knitting.

The sock is about 5 and a half inches long, with me adding a half an inch this morning on the T and while waiting for the shuttle. I hope to add about that much on my ride home and maybe more once I am home. I am starting to wonder if I have enough yarn for the sister sock since now that it is all wound up it looks like a lot less yarn. If I had a scale I could know for sure, but a scale I don't yet have and its not yet on the "Need to buy it list" like my dream ice cream scoop. (I am refusing to buy any scoop that isn't my dream one making it that we have been without a scoop for almost a year. Beth, my roomy, chooses to say nothing when the topic comes up which is wise of her. We do, however, have a large number of casserole dishes in various sizes and we were happy last weekend to discover and use our muffin tins.)

No package has arrived at my door yet, so poor Auntie Em will have to wait another day for her new needle sizer. My poor mother, however, has to deal with us calling every day to ask if it has arrived. (Packages sent to my apartment can sometimes be claimed by the Post Office and take a day or more to then receive once they notify you. Or they can be left randomly. Hard to tell which will happen when, so now anything important goes to bother my mother first. I think she secretly likes to see us all rush home to get the package.)

Has anyone heard the weather report for Saturday? Showers with a high of 60 degrees. Cold for a wedding to which I will be wearing a sleeveless dress (thankfully or not so thankfully depending on my mood not a bridesmaid dress. Here's hoping that they are truly ugly. I am imagining orange poof or pink poof or something truly poofy and that they would never ever wear again. ) My mother asked me not to knit at the ceremony, which lead to a discussion about how one day in the future I hope to make my wedding knit welcome. Yarn Harlot did with hers....

The Harlot of Yarn is used as a measurement around here between me and Auntie Em. When I read this blog entry, I knew I was in trouble. There, knit up on one of the most popular knitting blogs around is the scarf that I hate and Auntie Em adores. In fact Auntie Em had bought the pattern and the ribbon to do it a month or so before and just had to do it now that Yarn Harlot had. Well, in my mind, it is still as hideous as the day I first saw it. But I am happy that Auntie Em did it. And I accept that every I hate she loves. Makes her real easy to shop for.