Monday, May 14, 2007

Quick Update...

I failed to have the sock done by Saturday. In fact, I have been knitting on it in every spare moment and I am still in the middle of the foot. However I am enjoying it more and more. Not enough to do the sister sock right away but enough to maybe do the sister sock one day.

Saturday I wound the yarn for the next sock that I am impatient to start and made way too many jokes about the poor sock being at the "Dead Muppet" stage. Auntie Em was thinking I was going to bind off there and just leave it dead and unstuffed forever to always show off the Muppet qualities. Well, Ha! As of last night the only Muppet it could look like is the ones from the song Manamana that say "Do do doo doo do." The Yarn ball was also hitting the black hole stage where it was collapsing on itself and part of the outside fell off and sadly I was home at this point, which means my mom started winding it. A hour or so in the Neurologist's office and she wound a ball for me and was well on her way to convincing little old ladies that knitting socks is a waste of time. Just wait until she has a pair on her feet..... *insert evil laughter here*

I also finally placed my next order with Knitpicks. I am trying out my Sockapalooza 4 Sock Pal's Sock on Two Circular Needles and I needed the yarn as well. I can't wait to get it started, this pattern looks really exciting and should teach me a lot. (Like provincial cast on and doing a toe-up sock among other things) Plus getting a Knitpicks box is super exciting (I originally typed Knitpick boy - now that really sounds exciting) and I even ordered more plastic sleeves for my binder so everything can be happily organized. I like when it at least pretends to be organized. I think I will one day have to get a case for everything else that keeps getting out of control, knitting stuff wise. Any recommendations? I have some circular needles, a bunch of random straights and some DPNs. Should I get one huge case or a smaller DPN one or what? Anyone see any blue ones out there?