Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And the knitting continues.....

The shirt is now 10 and 3/4 inches. I feel like I am on a roll. Last night I hung out at Maria's for a while and knit a bunch and drooled over the sweaters I will one day make. The yarn called for in the pattern has lead to an interesting discussion. Turns out that Gedifra "For You" yarn no longer exsists so we can't view it to make the best subsitution. I found KnitPicks Merino Style that might work and another brand as well. Its now just a debate on if the yarn is twisted or in a chain. I found a picture of it here and you can see a picture to the left. It looks twisted. The purple swatch is what color I want to do the sweater in. That is Knitpicks Merino style in Iris.
Maria taught me how to block and we worked on finishing her sweaters that we found in her WIP basket. One of them she made for her daughter when we must have been eight years old and it doesn't have a prayer of fitting. She is going to give it to a daughter of a friend of a friend when we finished it. I wove in all the ends on the sweater for her daughter (current size) and all that is left to do on that one is finish seaming up the side and attach the collar. I am really looking forward to doing the sleeves of this shirt. I have never worked with DPNs before but I really can't wait to try. Only 4 1/4 more inches to go until I can start the sleeves. I am also thinking what type of yarn to get for Tempting II. The pattern says to use something elastic. I wonder what I should try?