Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Learning something new

Today sitting in the new Simmons Library I taught myself how to knit on DPNs. It took me two tries and 3 cast ons to get it just right (Yes I am a virgo so I am a perfectionist). I kept casting on until I finally told myself I couldn't go to the bathroom until I got it right and thought light thoughts. The new library is a pleasure to sit in, lots of light and really comfy seats. All it needed was a pillow behind my back to deminish the back pain. I am at past 12 inches on the body and I am glad that I started the sleeves before I finished the body. I managed to do half of an inch on the DPNs and needed to stop since I was getting tired. It was a lot of work thinking about it but getting slowly easier. I hope that there aren't ladder stitches and I am holding it tight enought.

I do have to say that I love my DPNs. They are blue and they click so nicely together.
I want to post a picture of them but I can't find anything like that online. See that blue crochet hook? They are that color. They look like they are from this set.