Friday, February 16, 2007

A new beginning?

I swore on my other blog that I would NOT start a new blog. Did I listen to myself? I have no self control.

Ok, welcome everyone to my brand new blog. I am a beginner knitter who is determined to get much better. I use to crochet and I still do even though it hurts my hands. I occasionally do counted cross stitch as well as a bunch of other hobbies. I have a cat who is fascinated in watching me knit and his biggest hobby is biting me.

Projects that are open right now (WIPs): (in order from oldest to newest)
1. Single Crochet Purple Blanket (in my parent's basement. I really need to work on it but it hurts so much and its all single crochet.)
2. Blue Wave Crochet Blanket (in good progress, I just need to work on it.)
3. Crocheted Octagon Baby Blanket (2/3s done. I NEED to work on it because the baby it is for is due in about a month)
4. Knitty Tempting Sweater
5. Secret Scarf (Knitted in between projects)

Projects I want to do next:
1. Tempting II
2. This purple sweater M showed me.