Friday, February 23, 2007

Can I knit with my eyes closed?

I ponder that exact question every morning as I knit on the T. I often am sleeping and find my eyes slowly closing and my fingers continue to work away... but for how long? Will I sleep past my stop and end up back where I began at the beginning of the line? Will my body wake myself up when I get there? Can I knit in my sleep or will it be a huge mess? On the mornings when I find my eyes closing the most, I usually stop knitting. I then arrive at work feeling less productive then normal. "I normally do at least 3 rounds of the shirt by the time I arrive" I say to myself "Today I did less then one".... My inner voice chooses to ignore the rounds I did on the sleeve instead of working on just the body. I then sit in my calm office and think about my knitting, wondering if today I will give into temptation and knit just a few rows... just to make sure I did enough. (Don't tell anyone, but I have given into temptation in the past and I am ashamed.)