Thursday, April 26, 2007

2 Posts a day, one for each of my permenant readers...

This post is actually going to be about knitting (and a tiny bit of crocheting)

Last night during the meeting of the Breakup Club we attempted to work on my baby blanket. I knit some, Marie knit some, I knit some more, the cat cut the yarn.... etc. Well I find out today that the coworker who had the baby is coming in tomorrow so I am going to try to finish it tonight. Can I do it?

Amy from Knitty fame posted that the surprises will be up tomorrow morning. Whew. I have been unconsciously stalking the patterns page hoping that I missed the email about the surprises and that they have magically appeared.

I have been working occasionally on the sock. I am not bored with it, just hoping that the heel comes sooner so I can learn how to do that. Its official measurement is 4 1/2 inches so I have a bit more to do.

Non-knitting comment: I really hate when I take a book from the library and get really into it but also really confused on the back story only to realize that it is THIRD in a series and I can't seem to find the rest in the series. Grr. I took out every book by this author the first time to try and avoid this problem. Also annoying: reading a great book, finding out there is a sequel and not being able to find it or having to wait months/years to read it. Yes, I need to read it now. No, you can't drive me to the library fast enough. No, this can't wait. It's sorta like needing yarn or a new pattern or the needles so you can work on a project right this moment. And I mean RIGHT THIS EXACT MOMENT.