Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I bit the bullet....

And finally ordered my order from Knitpicks.com.

Ahhhh It feels good to know that it is coming my way...

What I finally decided on ordering:
Options Needle Set
Size 2 24" Circular (for Cables and Os)
Needle Tags
Needle Sizer since mine seems to be incorrect for the larger needle sizes and correct for the smaller ones... (something to ponder...)
4 hanks of Gloss Sock Yarn in Burgundy to do the Clessidra Socks

What is still on my wish list:
Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles
2 Hanks of Memories Yarn in Red Hat (socks for my mom one day)
2 Hanks of Memories Yarn in Yukon
2 Hanks of Memories Yarn in Rocky Mountain Dusk
2 Balls of Essential Yarn in Navy (for Pomatomus - not sure about the exact color but it looked like the best blue to me.)

I think if Knitpicks had even more hand dyed yarn colors I would be spending even more money there.

Update on Honeymoon tank:
9 and a half inches total. I need to knit until it is 12 and a half inches and then I get to do something fun again. I really don't think I am good at this boring knitting where there is nothing to do but knit around and around and it never seems to get any longer.

Didn't turn them into traveling socks today so I have no idea how long they are. I would guess between 2 and 3 inches.

Pictures will be upcoming if I can squeese the time to take them in between work, eating, sleeping, getting dressed and collapsing in a heap from the near constant headaches I have been getting. Feeling like a drill is working on my forehead is not exactly making me want to knit.

The storm yesterday was impressive. I wish I took pictures of Zack when he was all psycho scared kitty and crawling under the covers with me. It was also freezing in our apartment since they decided that yesterday was a great night to shut off the heat finally. All I know is that around 5 am I woke up to a terrible storm with the trees outside my window violently shaking and looking like they might come through the glass and a cat on top of me under the covers with his claws almost digging into me. Poor thing. When the marathon was underway he did leave my bed for a moment to go look outside the window to see what all the noise was about. But just for a moment and then he was curled up again on the blanket.