Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just some chatter

Have you read this rant on Lion's Brand Yarn? Maybe you should. I almost never buy Lion's Brand and I am ashamed at the Red Heart I use to buy before I knew any better. (All beginner knitters are like that...) but I do have to say that I am using Cotton-Ease on this tank top and overall it is doing ok. It was relatively affordable, came in blah colors but I wanted white so how blah can you get? To my eye, the stitches look better and less see through then the yarn the pattern called for and I think it will be a nice tank to have. Plus you get a lot out of the yarn instead of those tiny tiny ball you see occasionally at your LYS.

I am defending my yarn. Keep in mind this may change at any moment.

I am determined to finish the 12.5 inches needed before the strap knitting can begin before Saturday knitting time. I have even ordered the needles for the next project so this project needs to end. (I am not good at all with the boring stages of projects. I really have no staying power when the knitting gets boring)

On Tuesday when I last posted and measured I made the inner goal of knitting an inch every day until it was done. Tuesday on the way to class I decided that wasn't that hard a goal and I could easily knit an inch and then finish the d*&n baby blanket that evening. Well.... an inch almost killed my hand. So much so that I didn't get an inch done on Wednesday and sadly got only a little more then a row done. At least I did something. (Besides getting the replacement cell phone and trying to reset all my wonderful settings that I liked having in my old cell phone. Oh and class. I got to watch rats explore objects in an open field for part of the afternoon. Not as much fun as mentally hoping they won't fall off planks.)

Today I knit a ton the whole ride to work. I even knit just a tiny bit (shh) at work after I emailed all the people I was suppose to email and resisted killing Chris from Comcast. (I am proud of myself for that.) The work measures 11 3/4 inches. I have 3/4 of an inch left to go.... must keep knitting!!!