Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sorry for the delay in posting...

I am such a bad blog keeper. I know for a fact that one person checks my blog every day and I feel sorry that I had kept it the same for so many days so when she checks it she finds nothing new waiting for her. I personally love when other people update their blogs and my morning time with Google Reader is now a part of my day that I look forward to. I did for the first few days use certain excuses such as "Well Yarn Harlot doesn't update her blog every day..." or "I haven't knitted much so I can't blog much..." But those are really excuses. I did knit a lot. In fact a lot knitting wise happened since I last updated. Now can I remember it all.

I finished the boring part of the tank top. In fact I am almost entirely done with it. I have like 4 inches left on the decreasing strap part and then to graft the straps together and weave the ends in. Last night I got too tired to knit pretty quickly so I wove a few ends in and was very proud of myself. It did however take us two tries to figure out the straps since the pattern reads:

On the following RS row, k1, Ldec, k to end (again, don't forget V-shaping!).
Cont decreasing 1 st EOR (every other row) until 4[3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4]sts rem.

I first assumed that this meant decrease only ONE stitch per row and it was agony decreasing down until 3 sts remain and right there the side was too big. So we ripped back and tried again with TWO decreases per row and it came out perfect. I checked on knittyboard to double check and this was the solution someone else figured out as well. Can we make a change to the pattern yet?

My Knitpicks Options Set came and I do enjoy them however I have yet to use them. Soon... soon my pretties. I think that the kit should have come with 3 three dividers as well as 2 two dividers and 2 whole pages. Then the whole kit they send to you would fit into the three dividers instead of some needles crammed together in another pocket. I tried to print the pictures out from here but I couldn't manage to get them to print at the correct size and then it was dinner time.... I need to come back to fussing with it since the designer's look perfect and like they fit correctly. Grr.

I got the yarn for Clessidra from Knitpicks too. I have been drooling over the part merino and part silk and touching the hanks every time I walk past them in my room. I really look forward to when I can start working on them.

Finally, Auntie Em did the hard work of ripping back Tempting I and putting it on smaller needles so I can one day bring myself to work back up it. It was painful and almost relieving to see it being ripped back.

I need to get my butt into action and finish the projects. The dreaded baby blanket which I did a few stitches on yesterday. The traveling sock that saw the Red Sox lose with me on Monday night. The almost finished Honeymoon tank and Tempting I. Plus the gauge swatch for Cables and Os is calling me but I am trying to keep it under control until something (or even 2 somethings) are done.

I am starting a mental list of really great movies to knit to. Today's addition is: Wordplay
. Its funny, easy to watch and knit to, makes you feel like you could do a crossword puzzle too and actually a very nicely designed movie.

Whew. That was a long post and I'm sure there are things I forgot to mention. I'm sorry my one lone constant reader and I promise I will try to update that much more.