Monday, April 16, 2007

Pictures may be upcoming....

First an update on my Size 6 Straights. They were found yesterday. I had lent them to my room mate thinking she would like to learn off of them but then also lent her a size 10 (maybe, didn't look at the size) that someone along the way had did some garter stitch on. I was tearing apart my drawer thinking that the Size 6 had some how falling through the cracks into another drawer (I wasn't quite sane at this point) and she just came in and handed them to me. Ahhh. Dark Blue Needles are back in my hands and in my knitting back waiting for me to finish the step I am on in the pattern.

I have a lot to take pictures of: The Yarn for Cables and Os which is so pretty. The beginning of my sock and the slow progress I have made on the tank top.

Maria and I were planning a trip to WEBS and visiting my sister. (My parents were going to drop us at WEBS while they took her to the eye doctor and then come get us so we can all go hiking together.) We tentitively were planning to go for the tent sale. However, Chil's Wedding is that same weekend. We can't go that weekend.

I forgot if I mentioned this but Maria and I are booked to ride with Yarn Safaris to go see Yarn Harlot at WEBS at the end of May.

Hopefully I can add pictures later....