Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Did you see that truck?

So I was sitting on the T this morning, listening to music and enjoying the sunlight (that part of the train ride is above ground) and knitting away on THE sock which felt a little neglected since I didn't knit on it last night. And then it hit me. I am knitting socks for someone with a long foot. Longer then mine. And I am trying to get 2 socks out of a ball of yarn. Now should I follow that pattern and knit the whole 8 inches before the heel and then 10 inches of the foot making it 36 inches approximately of foot coverage for the whole sock? Should I knit less before the heel making me happy and leaving hopefully enough to cover the foot? Should I just follow the pattern and hope I don't need to go searching for a complimentary hand dyed yarn that goes with a "Potluck" color?

Let me try to channel Grumperina now:
The pattern calls for 3 balls of 164 yards so that is 492 yards! Ravelry informs me (cause the ball band is at home and Ravelry remembers when I import ball band info) that my lovely ball is only 480 yards. So. There is it. Now if I were truly Grumperina I would weigh how much I had done (since I know the weight of 480 yards to be 100 grams) and figure out how much more I could do from this. But this requires one thing that I don't have with me: a scale. And not having a scale with me cuts into my work/T ride knitting since I'm not sure I can continue knitting the leg which is creeping towards 6 inches.

How many inches is 12 yards? 1? 2? 4? Should I take off 1 inch, 2 inches or less then an inch from the foot? Or should I just finish the toes in a different (solid) color green? What about Knitpicks Essentials in Pine? If I do that, should I do the heel in Pine as well or just the toes? Now I am giving myself a headache....

Excuse me I am going to go knit until I find a scale.