Friday, September 7, 2007

Knitpicks = evil master plan?

Knitpicks always draws me in with something really exciting. Today is yummy wooden knitting needles (Blogger got rid of my handy link thing so I have to remember the html for adding a link to a word. I miss my handy link). Then they had the Vogue Knitting Sock Book there (which I have been waiting for) and finally I got the yarn for the Tilted Duster .

I got the needles in a Real size 2 (not a 2.5) so I can knit some more socks. I like the colored laminated wood. I have wonderful hairsticks in pretty colors that are so strong and wonderful. I don't like that you can't choose the needle wood very but I can't wait to try it. I think they should still be grabby and hold the yarn nicely but still very sharp.

I had a bad migraine for two days so the knitting has been really slow. The yarn for the drunken bee socks is very fun but it doesn't show the pattern very well. I can't decide if I should keep going and then redo the pattern in solid colors (make two pairs of socks) or frog this whole thing and save the yarn for something else. What do you think?