Sunday, September 23, 2007

A visit from the neighbors and some socks....

This morning at my parent's house the dogs were barking at nothing as always.... But today the nothing was:


15 Wild Turkeys. They have been living in the neighborhood for a few years now. Wandering around, eating bugs, scaring joggers.


I never thought we would see wild turkeys in our yard, especially given how close the house is to Boston and to a busy highway.


They posed with my mother's metal chicken. (She has a few of them hidden around the yarn and the recent additions of the pink flamingos seen in the first picture)


They let me get pretty close to take pictures and then wandered around for some more. They headed towards the highway and got confused about the fence we have there. They stood there for a while and then flew into the neighbor's yard.


I also took some time today to finish my first Crooked Cable Sock.


I love the colors,


and the heel.
Finally, let me introduce THE sock. THE sock is for someone very special who doesn't know that it is for her yet. It is the Uptown Boot Pattern from Favorite Socks knit in Sockitome by Cherry Tree Hill Blue-Green Potluck. I debated for a long time on what color to make it and finally this yarn leaped out at me being green, blue AND teal.


Thats some pretty fancy yarn. I don't often buy that fancy yarn without it being on sale or a special occasion. But THE sock is pretty special. So special that some new needles came just for it:


New Knitpicks Harmony needles. Not sure how I like them but THE sock really likes them.