Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The math

Well, if all else fails trot out the math and science. We weighed the six inch portion of sock I've already knitted


and the remaining ball of yarn.


Because I couldn't completely remove the two pairs of needles from the knitting, we had to throw in a compensation for the weight of the needle cord dangling off the scale pan. And the answer is....

6 inches of knitting, with the needles = 18 grams
weight of similar section of one needle cord = 1 gram
weight of remaining ball of yarn = 88.5 grams

( 88.5g / ( 18g - 2g) ) * 6 inches = 33.18 inches additional knitting possible

Which means that my original plan to knit a total of 36 inches of sock (2 * (10 inches of foot + 8 inches of leg)) still seems do-able without running out of yarn. At least, I hope so . However that 36 inches doesn't account for the heel section but it allows about 3 inches additional for the two heels.

Thank you to my dad who helped me weigh and did the math for me.