Saturday, September 8, 2007

A visit to the frog pond

The Drunken Bees met with a frog along the way and took a trip to the frog pond..... Can we have a moment of silence for the Drunken Bees? Don't worry, I plan on doing this pattern with another yarn, one more solid.

The pretty yarn got turned into some Crooked Cable socks and having knit a bunch today I am now past the ripping part of the yarn. YAY progress!


However knitting the day away (ok with working at a library and a trip to a yarn store and another library in there) made me kinda silly and Izzy just happened to be sitting next to me.


Yeah, she doesn't look thrilled either. She actually sat pretty still and only tried to attack the needles, not the yarn. If Zack is left alone with yarn he will bite through it in a second.

Does the colors look different in each of the pictures. Yeah, the first one wasn't true to the yarn colors, this one is a little more accurate but now it makes my stitch markers look all washed out.


I am really happy with the yarn and this pattern. I have been doing the cables without a cable needle and even though it is a little difficult I am finally getting the hang of it. Now I no longer need to try to tie my cable needle to myself to avoid losing it. I hear the Clessidra socks calling to me to come cable on them next. They might have to fight the rest of the socks and WIP in line. Now that is a scary thought: all of my works-in-progress fighting it out.

Finally - a note for a occasional reader: The chinchillas are wandering towards you. Keep an eye out for the trouble makers, they will try to hide from you, as they hid from me for a while. Trouble makers.