Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Are you talking to your yarn?

Last night, later then it should have been, I was rummaging around under my bed. I was searching for yarn. As I neared the end of the first Birthday Master Coriolis sock, I felt the urge to cast on for something new. (This is also my new way to avoid the hatred of the second sock. Knit one of another sock pair and come back to the first pair later. This worked with the Sockapalooza sock since I found I liked it much better when I returned to it.) My search for the proper pattern had lead me in a hunt all day. I needed something (ok, another sock) that used US # 1/1.5 needles (my 2s and 3s are filled with something else). It couldn't be too difficult so I would fight with it, like another sock that is currently still in time out. I would prefer it not to have crazy cables like another sock in the works (Clessidra - who I love and adore but it takes forever to do a row on her) so I could finish it before I feel the call of another sock too badly. Oh, and it had to be made with yarn already wound up or in a ball since I wasn't about to be near a ball winder over the next few hours.
I finally decided on Drunken Bees Socks which I watched grow slowly and I loved the pattern then. The comment by the designer was that the pattern would look better with semi-solid or solid yarn, which explains what I was doing in my under the bed bins. New Beth, the new addition to the apartment just happened to walk by when I was talking to the yarn. She however didn't look as scared as she possibly could have been and actually stayed to help make a decision between 3 balls so she has potential.

My plan is to later today post again with pictures. My camera took a small vacation and now that we are rejoined, you can see all the knitting I have been up too. The only question is can I manage to make it home? The potential train lines I could take home all have had issues today: The B line is filled with new college students for the first day of classes (Plus I have to ride that one forever), The C line had an accident earlier and the D line is still under construction and/or potentially busing.