Friday, August 31, 2007


Here are some photos that I mentioned in the last post:


Happy Birthday to me!


Pomatomus socks and I visited Mt. Holyoke to drop off my sister.


This is my mom hugging her goodbye. Sarah doesn't look thrilled to be hugged. I think she inherited the family trait of not wanting to be hugged.


Check out the beautiful sky at the beach in Rhode Island.
This is also a perfect time to show some pictures in honor of Zack. Last year at this time he was in the hospital and just had surgery.


This is him about a month after we got him. Notice how less fuzzy he is? I always said he puffed out after we got him and when we originally saw him he didn't look like a Maine Coon cat at all.


Here he is in the hospital after the surgery. His leg is wrapped up so he doesn't take the IV out and we don't need to give him fluids every day.


We took this picture for our vet and the wonderful vet techs to show them all that he was still alive after the surgery and doing better. They still have this picture hanging in the back and when I brought him in for his yearly checkup one of the Vet Techs brought the picture out to show me. I should take them a new picture to show how fluffy he is.

Finally, I leave you all with a picture of my mom's cat Stella. Auntie Em pointed out she is the only animal not yet shown on this blog so I found this picture of her sitting on top of the trash can. She is a grumpy bundle of trouble. She doesn't like me or Zack much and hisses when we come near her. She hates to be petted by anyone by my mom or sister and complains all the time. My dad calls her the Queen of the House. She also can unzip bags and open cabinets and drawers. After we got her we had to put the childproof locks back on the cabinets. She will regularly stalk my dad's breakfast, hiding out under his newspaper and then causing it to explode upwards as she leaps out. Sarah and I wanted to call her Trouble when we first got her as a tiny kitten but my mom said that would give her a complex so we decided on a name we can yell loudly. She and the kitten (izzy) ignore each other most of the time but when Zack comes to visit Izzy and him run around the house and chase each other.