Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Something New

Hello readers. Today we are starting something new that is going to get my butt in action. We are going to have a word of the day. We are also going to have a GRE question of the blog post (when I feel like it) so that the studying will take place. (Sorry to those of you who are not forced to take the GREs but I will reward you with pictures of yarn...)

Today's word of the day is:
macerate - to soften by seeping in liquid.

I could say: Yarn is macerated in water before dyeing but I don't think that is correct. I think that this would be more correct: Bread is macerated in an egg and milk mixture before cooking to make French toast. What do you think? Can we use this word in every day usage?

Now today's question or questions of the day (Today's is more then one since they all go together) Since it is my blog, I choose the questions and I choose one that reminded me of my childhood. (This question is taken from "GRE General Test" publisted by Research and Education Association in 2001, page168-169)

"Questions 4-6 refer to the following statements:

A five member committee is chosen from doctors - Phillips, Quinn, Stevens, and Tutle - and lawyers - Evers, Farmnington, Green and Hall.
At least 3 doctors must be on the committee. Phillips refuses to work with Tutle. Quinn refuses to work with Evers. Farmington refuses to work with Green. Tutle refuses to work with Farmington."

4. If Quinn is chosen, who else is on the committee?
A. Farmington
B. Green
C. Phillips
D. Stevens
E. Tutle

5. If Green is rejected, which other member could not be on the committee?
A. Phillips
B. Quinn
C. Stevens
D. Farmington
E. Tutle

6. If Quinn and Stevens are chosen, which is necessarily true?
I. Phillips is choosen.
II. Tutle is chosen.
III. Either Farmington or Green is choose.

A. I only.
B. II only
C. III only
D. II and III only.
E. None of the above

Do you think you know the answers? Leave them in the comments. I will post the correct answers either tonight or tomorrow.

Knitting news (if you stuck with me through the GRE stuff):
I have been going into the knitting community. The Ravelry/SnB Lazy Red Liners meets on Mondays and is a bunch of fun and last Wednesday I went to the SnB in Brookline as well. Maybe I will go tonight if I am not exhausted.
I have been rushing to finish my sockapalooza socks, while my wonderful sockapalooza socks have already arrived in a HUGE box. I promise to take pictures of all the stuff she sent soon so everyone else can drool over it with my family. I am wearing one of the pair's of socks today and they are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn, even in this heat.