Thursday, August 9, 2007

An intimate look at my day

Today I read "The Devil Wears Prada" which is twelve zillion times better in print then in movie form (and it was great as a movie). It made me think about my days at work and attempting to get to work. My day is boring and long and it feels like I did nothing. Want to see? (In between the times I did actually work - it just seems like I didn't)

7 am - alarm goes off. Hit snooze.
7:30 - second alarm goes off. Turn it off, hit snooze on first alarm and realize I feel funny. Mentally do a run through of the day's events in the case that my funny feeling turns into a migraine. Decide to lay in bed until I (ultimately my head) can decide if it is a migraine.
9:30 - realize that I had been watching Regis and Kelly for 30 minutes without remembering anything of it. Turn off the tv, feed the cat, shower. SLOWLY have breakfast and get dressed. Take advil. Lay on bed until it begins to work. Brush teeth.
11 - leave apartment, cursing myself for being so late in leaving. Walk down hill to Post Office.
11:15 - reach post office. Show id, sign my name 500000 times and print my address and finally receive important letter. Sigh of relief that it wasn't what I was afraid it would be.
11:30 - caught bus to Harvard Sq. Change in Harvard Sq. to train.
12:20 - get off train at main hospital. Walk through main hospital and promptly out the other side. Board shuttle bus
12:30 - Shuttle bus leaves main hospital.
1 - finally make it to work a full 2 hours after leaving my apartment. I notice this fact and realize that if I had tried to do this in rush hour it would have taken me longer.
1:03 - walk into my office and notice NO ONE is there. I unlock my door to my office (do we call it private or lonely now that my never appearing office mate moved her stuff out officially), start up my computer, glance at my phone to see that I got NO messages and check my email (none since this morning when I checked it before work when I got an invite to a bar hop that I couldn't attend for HMG)
1:20 - grab lunch and eat it at my desk while studying from my GRE book.
1:40 - notice that David, our tech-savvy grad student is there and finally fixed the lab's email which had been broken for 2 weeks. (Things break when he goes to Japan)
2:00 - I hear Riccardo making packing noises in his office. I wander over to make sure he isn't moving out of his office and thus leaving me the only one in our lab in the second floor. He isn't, he is just unpacking a huge new computer making the total number of computers on his desk up to 4. He is eying the other desk in the room and discussing moving 2 to 3 computers over there. I back up slowly out of his office.
2:02 - back in Riccardo's office, asking if the rumor that our boss was coming in to the office was correct. I feel out of the rumor loop since normally the guys upstairs call me if my boss is in the building. Most of our lab and his students have a 6th sense of knowing when he enters the building and come out of the wood work to wait for him. If I need something signed, I also must queue up or find a sneaky way to bypass this line.
2:15 - Print out what I need boss to sign and verify with his secretary that he is coming in. She says that he will be in the building at 2:30. Not sure if this is correct since the vultures aren't circling yet.
2:30 - Boss's secretary comes down to talk with David. I take this as a sign that Boss isn't arriving now.
2:35 - Riccardo offers me two cd players. I accept one of them for my mother. This makes the total number of cd players given to me at work: 2.
3:35 - last attempt to get Boss's signature finds him in the building and a small but determined queue has formed. Attempt to make small talk with secretary leads to her talking about his electronic signature.
4:05 - Suppose to leave work 5 minutes ago but still waiting for Boss's signature.
4:14 - Get signature Sprint out of Boss's office, into elevator, out of elevator, through 3 security doors to office, out of office and down stairs and into shuttle just as it is leaving.
4:35 - Arrive at train station
4:55 - arrive at Davis Sq.
5:20 - Chiropractor appointment.
6:00 - Train to Harvard Sq. When I got off the train, I decide to buy my sock pal a gift. I stop by a favorite store of mine. Call my friend T for help deciding on what to get.
6:10 - ignored T's advice.
6:15 - Invited to dinner at T's house. Call mother to let her know how my day was. She reminds my my head will soon hurt thanks to the Chiropractor's appointment and I will be tired.
7:30 - halfway through dinner I basically fall asleep.
8:20 - arrive back at Harvard Sq, wait with T for bus.
8:35 - bus arrives, 15 minutes late. T rides bus with me home
9:00 - arrive home. T makes sure I get inside, then returns home. I discover the door to my room blew closed and the cat was locked out.
9:30 - watch CSI and read.
10 pm - start writing this.

And now. Bed time.