Thursday, August 2, 2007

Damn! No logic

Blast! I forgot that they removed the logic section of the GRE for the even worse writing section. Oh well, I am actually ok with logic, so of course, why would they test me on it. (I have the old study book at work and the new one at home.)

The answers for those of you who tried it were: d, e, c.

Word of the day:
banal - (verb) trite, without freshness or originality.

Question of the Day: (from page 336, same source as yesterday)

11. linen:flax::
A. chintz: silk
B. madras: linen
C. rayon: plastic
D. coal: nylon
E. chamois: leather

I thought this was fitting in a knitting blog. Does anyone know the answer? Post it in the comments section.

I went to SnB last night and was quite productive. I finished the ball of yarn I was working on and I think once I am done with this pattern repeat it is almost time for the heel. Is it wrong to do a different type of short row heel on this sock then I did on it's twin?