Monday, August 6, 2007

As requested...

Another blog post with more mathy goodness. Yum, tastes like chicken.

The correct answer was c. 7. Poor Auntie Em who got it wrong the first time and my Dad provoked her into doing the math again to get the correct answer.

Word of the day:
panegyric - (noun) high praise

Math Question of the Day (as requested by my sister)

19. Suppose the average of two numbers is WX. If the first number is X, what is the other number?

B. 2WX-W
C. W
D. WX-2X
E. 2WX-X

Non-math question of the day: (In case you didn't want 2 math days in a row)

Choose the word which is the most opposite in meaning to the given word:

A. Somber
B. Genial
C. Particular
D. Negligent
E. Antagonistic

Knitting brunch was tons of fun. I wish I could go to knitting night tonight but I have other plans. The sock is going slower then it should be so if there are magical knitting elves to assist me in finishing it, now would be the time.

Finally, a vote on what should be the next knitting sock project since I have been going back and forth between two projects. Should I knit Monkey for my mom or test knit Naive Socks (seen here on side of blog)? (Both patterns are at the top of my ravelry queue if you can view that)
I have yarn to do both and I plan on doing both but which should I start first?