Wednesday, August 8, 2007


In the last post, I asked people to vote between Monkey socks for my mother and Naive socks for me. However, there was a secret third option that I choose to invoke at this time. The next socks I will knit will be: Pomatomus. I decided that I should knit a pair of socks for myself, and while the Naive socks would be for me, deciphering the pattern may just drive me up the wall and not make it a fun, non-stressful potential vacation knit. Furthermore, I am going to the beach, so knitting socks that have the scales of a fish sound perfect. Plus, I bought yarn for this a while ago. (Now I just need to wind it up). I think I am going to do this sock in Magic Loop, which is also a first for me. However, while I am excited to start it, I am refusing to do so until I finish my sock pal's sock.

Yes, it was suppose to be mailed yesterday. However between the migraines, life and work I have a few inches left to go. I cranked out two pattern repeats yesterday so I am making solid progress. I am less worried today about being late thanks to Alison's blog post and emailing my sock pal who is excited to get it, whenever it arrives. I hope they fit her. They feel a little tight on me, or one does so who knows anymore. I seem to remember that her feet are just smaller then mine and I did the pattern in one size bigger then the width of her feet, plus it is a stretchy pattern. Oh, well, I hope it fits her.

Last night was a studying night for the GREs with my parents. Together we made up a list of words from practice questions that I didn't know. Here are the three that are still eluding me:

sybarite - a person devoted to luxury or pleasure
pernicious - causing insiduous harm or ruin
excoriate - to denounce or berate severely, to flay verbally.

The answers to the last blog post are: D and E. I forget which order they go in. My sister is obviously the winner so she stops complaining about not winning.

Today's question:
Anthropology's __________ rhetoric sometimes presents piecemeal cultural observation as a cohesive analysis of the entire cultural structure.
A. synodic
B. chthonic
C. synchronic
D. chimeric
E. synecdochic

Why do I have to know these words when the computer spell check doesn't know 4 out of the 5 of them?