Thursday, August 30, 2007

Update for those who have been complaining...

Sorry this blog has been so quiet for a while. I had a busy pre-vacation week where I prepped for being out of the office with no email contact for a week. (The folks at work were shocked by this idea. NO EMAIL. I didn't tell them that I could have sat on the floor of the front porch of the house in Rhode Island to check my email... but I didn't tell them or check it. I did look up the proper way to do Yarn Overs and found out I was doing them wrong half of the time and not realizing it.) I was away on vacation for a week. And then, it was my birthday. This year my birthday coincided with moving my sister back to college. So we spend the morning moving her in and then grabbed lunch at the campus center. After that we heading into town, and my parents dropped me off at WEBS. (They left pretty quickly. Even though I had warned them about how large WEBS is they were a little shocked and overwhelmed.)I got a bunch of yarn (mostly sock yarn) and New Pathways for Sock Knitters (Book 1) by Cat Bordhi there. (Pictures tomorrow or soon). We then drove back home (having said good bye to my sister) and had a yummy take in dinner from Vinny T's. Cake followed. I then started a sock from New Pathways at about 10 pm since I couldn't resist it any longer.

On vacation I did some knitting on my sweater and on the Mystery Stole but both of those after moving a little slowly and I worry that they won't have a lot of time over the next few months with all the rush of the patients coming in a work and me studying for the GREs and applying to grad school in the evenings.