Thursday, March 15, 2007

Headaches eat away at my knitting time, or Happy Day after Pi Day

Today's post required a super long title to place its self in history. I seem to be in the delusion that people read this blog. Maybe no one but me does, but I enjoy making myself laugh at my witty remarks so I continue to write here in the hopes that this blog will one day become a blog that people flock to get their daily dose of humor or knitting or whatever other reason they feel the need to read my blog.
My mood in general is anger at these head aches I keep getting. They are seriously cutting into my knitting time, not to mention the occasional time I actually feel like crocheting on the baby blanket that I am foolishly telling myself will be done before baby arrives. (I am in that happy delusion state where baby isn't due in a week and since when do babies come on time... I have plenty of time to finish it, I even did most of a row just this morning. This state is similar to the holiday denial that Yarn Harlot suffers in her blog about finishing presents for the holidays. Pure denial.) I knitted a few rows last night and a row this morning. The neck is going painfully slow and each row mocks me as I finish it saying "You may have finished one but there are SEVEN inches you need to do and I don't even add any lenght at all so don't even try to measure me to see how much progress you made". Yes, they are at the mocking stage. I feel like this sweater has been in my bag, yes my new wonderful and beautiful knitting bag, forever. I am sick of carrying it around. I want it out of my bag and in my closet or on me. I want to begin to use that wonderful yarn that I ordered. I want to move on to new sweaters, to learning cables, to bigger and better projects. But I am stuck with my sweater feeling like I will never make it past the neck. And so I knit round after round until my hands hurt and I am bored and it doesn't even equal two inches. How did I ever knit fifteen inches of the body? I will never know.