Friday, March 23, 2007

The official measurement of today is...

1 and a 1/4 inches. Not bad. I do feel like my brain is going to fall out knitting knit one, purl one rows forever though. I was contemplating switching to continental knitting but seeing how I don't know it and my gauge will be different... Brain melting.... I am starting to dream about yarn for the next project, and I think I will try Shine Worsted from KnitPicks instead of the Cotton Blend suggested. Shine Worsted is: 60% Pima Cotton and 40% Modal. What is Modal anyway? It is 4.5 to 5 stitches per inch on #6-9 needles. The pattern calls for 4.75 stitches per inch on size 9 needles.

But... and this one is big... they don't have colors that I really want to knit this sweater in. Hmm.

I think it is weird that I am totally wishing I had already knit certain items of clothing because I want to wear them on that day. Anyone look through "No Sheep For You" and see that bright pink cartigan. I really wanted to wear that today. Even in bright pink, and I normally can't stand bright pink. But it would totally go with my pink and green socks and make all the black I am wearing to work look less depressing. Yesterday I was dying to wear knee socks and my dream knee socks were Clessidra. My roomy Beth said once I start knitting knee socks her boyfriend would comission me to knit her a whole bunch of knee socks. Well he can wait in line, since I want a whole bunch of knee socks too. Oh, wait. I have to learn how to knit them first.
Back to the never ending rows of ribbing so that one day I can move onto bigger and scary/interesting projects.