Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A review of the knitting and yarn filled weekend...

I set unofficial goals for myself last weekend: To finish Tempting I and to finish that baby blanket that is hanging over my head (can you see its shadow? Because I can't escape it!)
So I set out on Saturday to knit my little fingers off and I did, for the most part. I knit until I ran out of yarn. Thats right, entirely out of yarn with 5 inches still left to do on the yoke. I followed the directions and bought more then enough and I still ran out. So Maria and I declared this a Yarn Emergency and headed off to Windsor Button praying to the Yarn Gods that they would have a skein in a similar color if not in the same dye lot. Well, my prayers had been answered after I dashed into the shop and right to the display of the yarn needed. The second ball my hand touched was miraculously in the same dye lot. So now, less then a minute in the store and I got what I needed, but of course we couldn't leave after a minute when we went all the way down there... So I started looking at books. I found this lovely book and hidden in the back was this lovely book. My book need is calmed. I returned to Maria's and knitted away some more and once home crocheted until my hands ached. The total is: I have an inch and a half left on Tempting and 4 rows plus edging on the baby blanket. I need to finish these this week! (The baby is due on Saturday and Tempting is just pissing me off now, it being stuck in its almost finished stage. The yarn for Tempting II has been pleading with me again too.)
I hope to begin anew and cleansed on Saturday with Tempting II. Oh, did I mention I got this wonderful Namaste Executive Bag? I need to take pictures of it. It is bursting right now from carrying around an almost finished sweater with stuff for class and my lunch but by next week it should be back down to its lovely sveltz size with a new project in it.