Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Fever!

Spring has caught me in its grasp and simple knit one, purl one ribbing in merino will not suffice. I needed something spring like. On Saturday, I admitted this all to my knitting mentor, Auntie Em and her quick response was "do a new, harder project at the same time as the boring one."
The lucky project is..... Honeymoon Cami! We hurried off to our neighborhood yarn store (ok, took the T to the nicer yarn store) and soon returned with 3 balls of Cotton-Ease in snow to begin my first journey into piquant level knitting. Having been slightly worried about the gauge, since Cotton Ease is not DK weight yarn, we emerged victorious from our swatching with being perfectly on gauge. And then disaster struck. I cast on. And 180 stitches into 192 I realized I didn't have a long enough end. Frog it and start again. I cast on. I join, after checking that on the brand new still twisty number 6 needles it was all straight and not twisted. I made it to row 5 in the pattern and decided to check that it was not twisted. And guess what? It was. Frogging done by Maria, being too heartbroken myself to do it. Trying to keep my anger in check. Cast on again.

So far, third time is the charm. I have made it to row 8 and only want to hurt my knitting slightly when you have to knit 2 together and I have the worst time getting the needle through the yarn over and then stab my finger repeatly with the needle. When I need meditation and recovery, I knit on Tempting II and today's total is: almost 3 inches.