Friday, March 9, 2007

Wil Wheaton is my uber geek...

So those of you that actually know me may know two random facts about me:
(Well make it more then two to expand on the story)
-I am a Star Trek: The Next Generation Fan
-I had a crush on Wil Wheaton as a child
-I am the daughter of an uber geek, have always dated uber geeks, was raised almost entirely around uber geeks and calligraphers and like to think of myself as uber geek in training.
-I have heard Wil Wheaton speak. It was awesome. He signed a table afterwards.

Well here is my information: Wil Wheaton thinks is cool. Don't believe me? Look here. And it is. I don't think I would make the socks but the scarf? I have gone so far as thinking on who to make it for and then I remember it is not a sweater and thus not calling to me with t he same power as the sweaters do. Man, they are noisy. One day, dear Binary Scarf, you will get made for the proper uber geek, but not today. The sweaters are bigger then you and they will eat you if you get to close. Something along the lines of being at a zoo.
Knitty was also mentioned at boingboing which started this whole thing. I actually saw that mention before my father. That in itself is amazing and he was impressed when I responded to his email telling me all about the mention in that I had already seen the issue *THE DAY BEFORE*. I am truly his daughter, just in other geeky ways.