Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Lessons on a cold day

Ok ok make that a bitter cold day. So cold that I didn't feel like knitting this morning. My fingers just didn't want to even think about holding cold metal needles between them and trying to make progress on this simple but neverending project. I am under a lot of stress for this swap. First I am trying to make it perfect which already went down the drain. If it was for myself I might be able to dismiss a lot of the dumb things I did wrong but for someone else.... Second it is going to get there late. Not being able to do much more then sleep for about a week has me so far behind. I want to finish Tempting I, I want to start Tempting II and instead I am stuck here on straight needles (my size 8 circulars with projects on them) trying to make a swap craft. Plus the baby blanket is starting to hang over my head. Rows upon rows of painful crochet and I just put it back into the bag. Once this craft swap is done, I think I will reward myself with knitting on Tempting I if I finish a row+ on the baby blanket. The baby at this rate will be born without a blanket. Poor baby.

My headache is gone leaving just sleepyness in its wake. I went home from work early and slept 4 hours yesterday and it was wonderful. My body is almost pleading for me to do that again which it won't get unless the headache/other mystery illness comes upon me. But man, did it feel good. I totally planned on sleeping less and knitting more at home but the sleeping felt so good.